Ugly Truth Abouth Aluminum Toxicity

The Ugly Truth About Aluminum Toxicity

Find out the ugly truth about aluminum toxicity. More importantly, figure out what you need to do to prevent yourself from it!


Is Aluminum Toxic To Humans? Yes.

Yes, aluminum is extremely toxic to humans for various reasons. Some may argue that “aluminum is only toxic when high amounts of exposure occure.” Accordingly, the answer still adds up to the fact that aluminum is toxic in deed.

Due to the fact that the human body knows how to regulate many other metals, other metals can be “accepted” by the human body without causing negative effects. Aluminum on the other hand, is different. Even the slightest amounts of daily exposure to Aluminum can negatively impact a humans health.


Why Is Aluminum So Toxic And Bad For Human Health?

  • Bad for reproductive system
  • Reducdes sperm cell count in males
  • Can cause birth defects
  • Bad for the human brain
  • Can cause brain disease
  • Gets clogged in brain tissue and other body tissue
  • Bad for human bones
  • Can cause bone disease in children


How To Avoid High Aluminum Exoposure?

There are certain things and places you can stay away from to reduce the amount of aluminum your exposed too.


Things And Places With High Amounts Of Aluminum That You Should Stay Away From

  • Many antiperspirant deodorants
  • Certain foods contain high levels of aluminum
  • Some work places have high amounts of aluminum dust in the air
  • Some dusty enviornments have high amounts of aluminum in the air
  • Areas where aluminum is processed
  • Areas where aluminum is mined
  • Places near certain hazardous waste sites
  • Areas that aluminum is naturally high
  • Vaccinations that contain aluminum

Many people might not see it much, but the toxicity of aluminum can be effecting their health. By making a few basic changes you can drastically improve your health and the health of those around you.


Don’t Throw Away Aluminum In The Trash

By throwing away aluminum in the trash, you are increasing the overall aluminum toxicity of the enviornment.

Trash usually ends up in places where it contaminates the envoirment. If we fill our trash with toxic substances, it is similar to releasing those toxic substances back into the accessable enviornment such as the air and water.


Recycle Your Scrap Aluminum For Good Money

A great alternative throwing away your scrap aluminum would be to recycle it. Aluminum recycling can be beneficial for the enviornment, yourself, and your future generations in various ways.

By recycling aluminum, you are preventing it from mixing and spreading with other places on Earth that trash usually ends up. You can recycle your scrap aluminum for good money. At Tuxford Recycling Metal & CRV we always make sure to educate the public about health & safety concerns in any way we can.

Do your part in any way you can and help improve the health of the yourself, the Earth, and those around you! Preventing additional aluminum toxicity in the envoirnment by recycling is just one of the things you can do. As a result of recycling scrap aluminum instead of throwing it away, you are making sure the toxicity of it is not being released back into the public. Therefore, you are doing good for the entire enviornment by recycling.

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Aluminum is usually recycled with a price per pound in California & the United States. We aim to offer high prices on all scrap metals & materials we recycle. Please feel free to give our scap metal recycling center in Los Angeles a call about current prices were paying.


Educate Those Around You About Aluminum Toxicity

As a result of educating those around you, you are helping the entire Earth and future generations in many ways. Do your part and start becoming more conscious about aluminum toxicity.




Thank you all for reading this important article about aluminum toxicity! Have a great day!

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